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Explore Nisyros


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The green nature of Nisyros and the enchanting landscapes that result from its diverse uniqueness create the ideal conditions for hiking in nature. More than 40 hiking trails lead to beautiful, secret places on the island, which will make your stay on Nisyros even more unforgettable when you discover them. 

An interesting path is the Prophet Elijah - Nephi, which is simple and clear. It starts at Evangelistra Monastery and reaches the highest peak of Nisyros. Another route is Lakki - Stefanos crater, where you have the opportunity to hear the rumbling of the crater up close, while the Evangelistra - Emporio - Lakki route takes you through the caldera and ends in front of the wonderful and unique architecture of Emporio.

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Thermal springs

Nisyros has numerous hot springs that offer thermal tourism during the summer months. There are many beaches from which warm water gushes out at various points, offering relaxation, tranquility and also healing. The most famous hot springs are those of Loutra, located 1,500 meters north of Mandraki. Also of great interest are the springs of Thermiana, which are located in the northern part of Pali and have been known since ancient times.

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Diving tourism

An island with such a special morphology, with an active volcano at its center, is the ideal environment for divers. Direct contact with such a rare phenomenon will give you an unrepeatable experience. The waters of Nisyros have excellent visibility, allowing you to explore the unique volcanic landscapes that the sea hides, down to the smallest detail.

It's not just the craters and caves that you will discover in the depths of the sea. It is also the rare biodiversity of marine life that will surprise and move you with its beauty. Octopuses, crabs, hermits and schools of Mediterranean barracudas will take your breath away as the unique volcanic caldera surrounds you. It is a magical experience that you should definitely experience!